Open Toed Shoes

Today's post comes from author Jan Markley.

From Jan:
I have a friend who loans me books and there are always weird bookmarks left in them. I have her copy of Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh and inside was a sticky note that read: "11 am wear open toed shoes," a scrap of paper with " thievery corporation" scrawled on it, a costco card and a coupon for a manicure.


  1. The bit about open-toed shoes is odd but Thievery Corporation is a band.

  2. Thievery Corporation is an awesome reggae band!

  3. I'm wondering whether this person was noting to themselves to wear open-toed shoes to a Thievery Corporation concert... seems a little silly, though. ;)

  4. Hi it's Jan.

    Amber, the friend who's book it is, did a rebuttal of this post and defended her book stuffing ways!

    The rebuttal is on my blog:

  5. Not odd: Open toed shoes will have been because she(?)is getting her toenails painted/done w/ the coupon for the manicure .. or maybe a pedicure AND a manicure thrown in with the coupon...