Giveaway, Part II

Today we are giving away this vintage copy of "The Last of the Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper. This volume of the Leatherstocking Tales was published by F.M. Lupton Co. in New York. No date, circa 1890s.

Here are the simple rules: one of the forgotten bookmarks posted here on the site was a photo of a casket. The first person to identify the college or university mentioned in that post gets the book. Please post your answers in the comments section so everyone can see that you were the winner. Thanks - 


  1. Is Cornell an University?

    I must say I have found the said post but am not sure of having actually found the University name :D

    Oh well, it was a fun hunt nevertheless :)

  2. cornell!

    even though i'm second :(

  3. You got it, Kay. I just sent you an email.