People Love My Singing

May 31 + June 1

Dear Janice
the night I called it was raining cats + dogs and I had forgotten my umbrella... plus I didn't want the phone bill to be so terribly huge.
I won't refuse the care packages... and the cash is really vital just now to my survival.
I miss you... and love you and hope that you can understand the desperation I have been faced with too. My deep pain at circumstances beyond my control. I have just determined that I must stay here no matter what... and make a success of myself.
I found out through sources that Joel is living in Manhattan (near Mimi... with a "friend" and not so much in the music business anymore. So you see how much I was the whole business... he can't survive without my musical talents. (He's now in a business selling posters with a girl friend.
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How are my beloved children? I miss them so very much. And I plan to come visit them when ever I can.
Which might not be too often bu I know you are giving them much love and care like your own children.
Please forgive Sam... she just wanted you to understand she is at times harsh... but that's because it's been so hard here. And everyone in the family rejected our love... Wilhelm was just an acquaintance who helped her when she was totally alone here trying to survive. She deserves to be understood too. I have to respect that she came alone at 19 to a strange country and with only money that she worked very hard to get... She refused help from her mother... her pride wouldn't permit her to take any... her mother is a widow too. But I unfortunately am not as strong as her... I had no choice
God knows it broke my hear to ask. But perhaps it had to be that way -
The paper that I had sent to you for your advice on was important as far as my getting any financial help from Joel and when it finally came down to a forced thing on his part I had very few alternatives.
But that's over now and I'm just trying to live a new life and to get started again.
I hope the cats are well + trust you are well... please remember I have a new mailing address and it shouldn't be given out to anyone til I know who it is, etc...
I don't want Joel bothering me - in any way.
I just want him forever out of my life. - please continue to send aid.
Do you think Grandfather would give me the money for my pics + resumes
I am not able to afford food... clothes or anything + I can get work as a singer if I have pics and resumes. People love my singing -
I need about 180 or so. Please let me know. I'm desperate and could you send me my ? + bags in the gold suit case + any other pertinent things.
I have to sing to get $$... + go to school P.T. Childrens books + illus. is my final decision... w/music

Found in "Jaws" by Peter Benchley, Doubleday & Co, 1974.

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  1. Surprisingly, this post got no comments. Wow.

    Just so you know, I read it. In fact, I read this three times.

    And, goodness...I feel sorry for Janice, for getting saddled with Margaret's issues. Hopefully Margaret got off the drugs and grew up since 1979. Ha.