Dear Mom and Dad

August 3, 1981

Dear Mom & Dad,
Well hello there. What's up with you guys today? I would just like you to know that I did not come home for the family reunion for a couple of reasons. One being that the only thing I knew about it was that it was August 1st. Another that our house was on a freeze and we couldn't go anywhere and the last thing either one of two stories I was told. I went to that foster home though. It was okay except for the fight I got into with Sue. Walt, the directer of this program, called and bitched her out for not doing anything for me and making me upset. She's been lying to everyone. This time she lied to the wrong people and got caught.

I told Walt that I wanted out of DFY custody. He told me that I would have to write him a letter asking this. If he said yes I could leave. If he said no then I could follow through with potisioning [sp] the court to terminate custody. I wrote him a letter and he got it Friday, July 31, 1981, he has 30 days to give me an answer. He told me that I would get an answer before 30 days either way.

I told him I would like to go live with Rick & Leta if I get DFY terminated. That way I can spend my weekends with you guys and go to school in Morris. Then after that I don't know what.

Everyone agree's I should be out of DFY Urban Home. So that's something. My discharge is waiting on where and when. Sue tells me one thing and Walt tells me another. I'm sick of it all. Hopefully I can be out of here in the next two weeks. Do you and dad mind if I live with Leta & Rich. When I went to visit the home it wasn't bad but I really don't want to live there. There's no soccer and the school is saying they want to terminate sports. I want to live with Leta & Rich so I can come into Oneonta to play soccer. Well I have to get going now because I'm at work. I've got $234.00 saved in the bank! I love you both very much.

Love & Kisses,

P.S. Tell Joey to write me and tell everyone I love them very much. I may be coming to Oneonta this Friday. If I do I'll make a person to person call to Frances M.

I love ya both!


P.S.S. Write me back + tell me how you feel or call! We're off the freeze!

Letter on yellow legal paper. Last names redacted.
Found in "Natural Color Processes" by Carlton E. Dunn, published by George Murphy, Inc, 1954.

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