Rites And Ceremonies

This is... well, I have no idea what this is. I'll do my best to describe it.

It's dated 1837 at the top, on the bottom is written

??? Plaintiff (?-looks like it was edited at some point)
Spartan Lector
Infant Editor

In the middle is a folded piece of paper with a portrait of a man, hand drawn. The eyes and mouth have been cut out in a way to reveal another drawing underneath (think of how moveable books work). There's a tab at the bottom, when pulled down it reads "Before the rites and ceremonies," with the drawn face looking glum. Pull the tab up and it reads "After the rites and ceremonies," and the man's face shows a smile. I took a short video to demonstrate:

Found in "The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans: Volume One" edited by James Herring and James Longacre. Published by Monson Bancroft, 1834.

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