Ask The Blind Man How You Look

A truly odd note. I left in the grammatical and spelling errors, but threw in an occasional paragraph break to make it readable (OK, more readable) -

The lingering memories and the stench of reality is enough to make a crazy-man sain. With our thoughts controlled by superficiality and political correctness. By the time you fit in, is the same time you realize that you are more like a character on a sit com then yourself. So when the pirate (?) comes, and he will come, take the advice he gives you.

So you watch re-runs of M.A.S.H. and stupid commercials, performed by carrot top, you realize your being corrupted by your television and the stupid ideas of some executive of NBC. It must have been amazing for a little Indian boy to fish a never seen before stream that lays unmolested (?) and unpolluted by man. But its man's destiny to corrupt and manipulate the stream for his own benefit. The day comes when the stream has been over fished and is now undesirable to the common man. It takes the demented (?) man to be drawn to the beauty (?) to the water that is poluted and unpure. Where fresh water use to flow, fungus grows. The fish the stream use to hold are no longer there and the stream has become undesirable, but there is something buetiful with the river's ugliness. Beauty has corrupted me to a point were I can't tell the ugly child how cute he is. I want my cake and eat it now.

The laundry in the wash is clean but stinks of mildew. Left for too long and that will happen time and time again. Irresponsibility leads to mildew smelling clothes. Take advice from the stupid man because you might be surprised at the truth in his simple ideas. Ask the blind man how you look because perception becomes a reality. Reality is a perception because perception becomes a reality. If an idea is agreed upon being true it is then and only then that it becomes true even if it is a lie. Wars are fought over ideas.

Found in "Lost Hollywood" by David Wallace. Published by LA Weekly Books, 2001.

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