The reverse side is dated January 15, 1938. Written in pencil is "Doris Jean Hoyt - Bainbridge NY."

Found in "The New American Cookbook" edited by Lily Haxworth Wallace. Published by Books, Inc., 1941.

Bainbridge is just down the highway from me, and I've already started searching around the internet for clues about Doris. I'm guessing she is 3-6 years old in the photo, so she was likely born around 1932-5 or so. I hope to find Doris or a member of her family so I can return the photo.

I will keep you updated - if you have any leads, let me know.


1. Looks like Doris was married in 1957 to Anthony H. Salerno. Doris' parents were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hoyt of Bainbridge.

2. It appears Doris was a little older in that photo, it's looking like she was born around 1926 or so.

3. Doris and Anthony now live in New Jersey (I'm fairly sure). I have a phone number, will give it a go.

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