Building The Hype

I got an email yesterday informing me that the author copies of "Handwritten Recipes: A Bookseller's Collection of Curious and Wonderful Recipes Forgotten Between the Pages" were on the way.

Naturally, I was pretty excited. Check out this terrific cover art:

I think it perfectly captures the book's spirit. I hope you enjoy it, it comes out on October 2nd.

So, to get you all talking about the new book, I thought I'd give away an old one:

This is "Lowney's Cook Book" prepared by Maria Willett Howard and published by the Lowney Company in 1912. It's filled with some great vintage recipes as well as some terrific color illustrations (hm, sounds like some other book we were just talking about).

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below. You can also enter over on Facebook, on twitter or via email. If you have any questions about Handwritten Recipes, go ahead and ask!

I'll gather up the entries and announce the winner in tomorrow's Forgotten Bookmarks post.

Good luck!

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