Shopping list:

Yeast cakes
1 loaf of bread
1 loaf of whole wheat bread
Baking Powder
Sunday Paper

Found in "365 Ways to Cook Hamburger" by Doyne Nickerson. Published by Doubleday, 1960.

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Kelly Robinson said...

Well, they definitely got their fiber!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever try making any of the recipes you find? I would be tempted to test them out...

Michael Popek said...

Julie, check out, our sister site. I've had a few cooks try out some of the recipes.

Beachreader said...

What a blast from the past. My mother had that cookbook and I believe tried all 365 ways

tottergirl said...

You should keep the book. It has some very good recipes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Michael, how wonderful. The Orange Cream Cake looks particularly tasty!