As some of you might know, I recently joined the blogging team over at Forbes Magazine's "Booked." For my latest post, I thought it would be a fun idea to feature something I had found in an old Forbes. Easier said than done.

I have a quite a few old issues, that wasn't the problem. It turns out that people just don't leave bookmarks in magazines. The articles are single servings, no need to mark your place. I ended up going though about 40 issues before I finally came upon this:

 Order reciept and note, dated March 16th, 1970.

From: "Lilians"
3 Aylsham Crescent
Mile Cross

To: Mrs. Newton Avery

Dear Madam:
I have enclosed 3 ozs of wool, at 1/8 oz 5|-
Sorry I did not send it earlier, but I have been trying to get you the same dye no.. This is a very good material..
I haven't a shade card to spare at the moment, but when I see the rep, I will forward one on to you.

Yours Faithfully
L.M. Willnolt

Found in Forbes Magazine, Volume 15, Number 2, January 15, 1970.

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