Membership Has Its Privileges

Three items, all belonging to O.T. Foote, of Franklin NY.

Receipt for payment into membership of The National Creamery Buttermakers' Association. Dated 1911.

Membership card, Franklin Lodge. Dated 1910.

Admission card for the Sixth National Dairy Show, Chicago Il. Dated 1911.

Found in "State of NY - Department of Agriculture Report of Farmers' Institutes" by Raymond Pearson. Published by J.B. Lyon, 1909.

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jociegal said...

Hey hey - what a connected gentleman. Great one!

Jake Hammell said...

"I was raised on the dairy!"

Park Avenue Princess said...

I LOVED this! Thanks for sharing!

x0xx Amy

But, I don't know if I'd like my last name to be foote? LOL

JWiedenfeld said...

Wonderful! This is the stuff of a clear touch with history. Love this Blog!

Tricia said...

Looks like he joined the Buttermakers while at the Dairy Show. Good marketing and outreach, Buttermakers!

[and how come there aren't any ag schools with Buttermakers as a mascot??]

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