Stream of Consciousness and Tonsils

To Miss Flavia L. Stern From Miss Cora Hornadue Sep 5 - 1928.
This book was brought to me by Miss Hornadue when she and Carl came up after he was in the hospital for the removal of his tonsills.
They and Pop and I went up to Saratoga Springs on the Sat after Sep 8 - 1928, and Sun we went down to Hilda, I stayed till the following Friday, when I came to Rockland spent the weekend at B.J. Fullers and attended the Seventh Fuller reunion at the home of Joseph Westfall at Shandalee Lake, also a business meeting at Cooks Falls Sep 16 - 1928
Written on the front endpaper of "Maria Chapdelaine" by Louis Hemon. Published by Grossett and Dunlap, 1927.