Sure Sign You've Made It

Sorry about all the spam comments, have it on moderation for the moment.


Sunnie said...

Downside of making "Blogs of Note": the spam!
Upside: (for me!) finding your wonderful blog! Brings back memories of being a student librarian when I was in high school. One year we moved to a new building and had to check & box all the books to move them, too!
Found a peanut butter sandwich in one book. Not moldy, just preserved like a mummy.

unmoderated said...

ew. almost as good as the bacon story.

smith kaich jones said...

Oh man. Bless the Blog of Note gods. I cannot tell you how happy you are making me!

Plus my word verification is mango.

:) Debi

Nicole said...

I think your idea for a blog is neato-completo. I always love finding shopping lists or whatever in library books.

Cranky Bloggers said...

Congrats on “Blogs of Note.”

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