And The Winner Is...

I'm sure you all just want me to get to the name of the winner, but first things first.

I want you all to know that I tried to be as fair as possible. I copied all 222 comments from the Giveaway post and pasted them into TextPad, which provides me with line numbers. There were 969 total lines.

Next, I went over to for some number generation. 969 was the max.

Finally, the moment of truth.

Who's #693?

Congrats to pH!

Thank you to all who entered. Some of you already know that I have giveaways on a fairly regular basis, especially though Twitter - so keep an eye out, and good luck next time.


pH said...

Wow! Thanks! I never won anything in my life! :D

Joby said...

Congrats pH

unmoderated said...

ever? that's a little sad. hopefully this will change your luck.

play lotto tonight.

ben.cochran said...

So then don't people who write longer comments have a higher chance of winning?

rocklady54 said...

WTG and congrats on your win pH. Great way to start the week out.

Anonymous said...

@ ben.cochran

Yes, I was thinking the same thing... 222 comments and 969 lines. If you look at the data - at a minumum there are 4 lines per comment: "x said...", newline, actual comment, date.

This means that there should have been 888 lines if each of the comments was kept to a single line of text. There is about 10% more - or approximately 22 - comment lines than there should be.

Not a huge value and completely benign in nature - though if I were running it, next time I would just delete everything that didn't have a " said...". (this could be gamed as well - just fill your comment with that text. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't know where my head was at. 969-888 does not equal 22, it equals 81.

81 extra comment lines (assuming no other data fields.)