Contest Day

I had a lot of fun giving stuff away yesterday through Twitter, thought I would continue today.

Here's what's up for grabs:

Nice vintage copy of "Vanity Fair" published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, circa 1900. Part of the New Century Library series, which featured smaller sizes and thinner paper. 

Also included in the giveaway will be the four leaf clover featured in this post from a few days ago. You know I had to give that one away today - if not now, when?

Before we get started, yes, I'll ship it anywhere, for free. Alabama, Switzerland, New Zealand, Texas... you get the picture.

As for the rules, I don't want to make you all jump through hoops, nor can I figure out some savvy contest that will pull in web traffic all day. I don't give stuff away for that reason, so here are the simple contest rules: Just leave a comment on why you'd like this item, or why you enjoy Forgotten Bookmarks, or what you think can make the site better. I'll pick the winner from the comments section somewhat at random (I have a 1-10 number in mind, whoever posts in that particular spot will win). That's it.

I have a backup prize just in case things go haywire. 
Good luck.

ONE more thing... I will check the comments around noon or so (Eastern US), I have some bookstore work that can't wait.

UPDATE: Hey, great response. The number I had in mind was 3 (the number of posts I was hoping for) so good job everyone, you exceeded my expectations. I'll try and post another giveaway tomorrow if time allows.  preludetochaos, I will message you on twitter.