An Anniversary Wish

Lovely anniverary card, high quality paper with silver gilt and silk ribbon. 5 inches by 6 inches.
Front cover: "An Anniversary Wish"
Printed inside:
May every page you've
turned together,
Each chapter you have shared,
The sunny days,
the rainy weather,
You've found as on you've fared

Be just a sort of
"author's preface"
That now you both review
To introduce the happy
Life holds in store
for you!

Written inside:
Dearest Alice + Hardin(?)-
October 7th 1935
My memory goes back with you to nine years ago - and as always you both have my best wishes for you anniversary and for (ed: continues on back cover) the year and years ahead of you both. May they be laden with all the joys and happiness, all the health and wealth, all the contentment, all the love that is yours to have to hold for all time and eternity. May God (?) for both His richest blessings on this day and for ever.
Ever with my hear full of love,
(?) Your Clara

Found in "Anna Karenina - Vol. II" by Lyof Tolstoi, printed by Thomas Y. Crowell, 1899.

Ed: Thanks for the help