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This week's winner was @nicmowat, who entered on Instagram.

One short thought for you all -

Our small family business has shipped almost exclusively with USPS for the last 30+ years. We have made personal connections with our local postal clerks. I still receive Christmas cards from the postmaster at the small rural post office we used 20 years ago.  

40% of the packages I have shipped in the last 32 days have been delayed, arrived late or are still in transit. 

The USPS has been a trusted partner to this small business for years, and I will continue to support them. If you believe the Post Office needs to get back being the small business supercharger it was, please contact your elected officials. Without the USPS, this small business can't stay in business.

To those who have purchased or won books from me, please know I am doing everything in my power to make sure those packages arrive on time, including upgrading shipping at my expense.

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  1. In my area, the postal service has been impacted by the virus with a high number of employees out sick. There are other businesses who also have this problem including my bank. Maybe things will improve when the virus situation is over. Also, you must remember many of us are using online services for ordering things we would normally shop in person for. This must be putting a strain on USPS because it also has affected UPS (they have a notice on the web site warning of delays). I hope your situation improves and maybe a disclaimer for your shop might not be a bad idea. I am sure your customers would understand. We've all been through a lot.