At The Front

Photograph, no date or writing.

Found in "The Big Five Motorcycle Boys At The Front" by Ralph Marlow. Published by A.L. Burt, 1915.

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  1. Did you read the book and was it good?

  2. No, I haven't read this one.

    "It is doubtful whether a more entertaining lot of boys ever before appeared in a story than the 'Big Five,' who figure in the pages of this volume -- Red Bradley; 'Hanky Panky' Jucklin; Josh Whitcomb; Elmer Overton; and last, but far from least, 'Rooster' Boggs. From cover to cover the reader will be thrilled and delighted with the accounts of how luckily they came by their motorcycles; and what splendid use they make of the machines in recovering the funds of the robbed Garland bank." -- 1914. A.L. Burt.