Pen Pal

 Letter, no envelope or date. No signature, for that matter.

I am thirteen years old. My birthday is March 2. When is your birthday?

I live with my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. We own our house.

The school I go to is Oneonta Junior high School. I'm in the seventh grade. We are going to have a long Easter vacation. It will last from April 9th to April 24th.

I have one pet, a cat named Topsy. She is almost six years old. Do you have any pets?

Do you have any hobbies? I have several. I like to collect dolls very much. Some of my dolls are from foreign countries. Collecting coins is also a hobby of mine. I have several valuable coins. Their dates are 1807, 1849, 1866, and 1879. I am trying to get coins from other countries. Every summer my minister visits Europe. He has brought me from dolls from Europe. This ear I am going to ask him to bring me some foreign coins. I also like to read books.

My mother works in a bank and my grandfather works for a railroad.

I take piano lessons. Do you play an instrument?

Would you like a pen pal from Japan?

(let me think about it awhile)

Found in "Sam and the Firely" by P.D. Eastman. Published by Beginner Books, 1958.

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