Large photo postcard.

On the front is printed

Seasons Greetings
Rev. and Mrs. O. B. Hill

On the reverse side is written

Main St. Baptist Church
Otego NY

As some of you know, the bookshop is located in Otego, so I took a little drive. Here's what the church looks like on this cold morning:

Quite different.

Found in "Old Pewter" by N. Hudson Moore. Published by Garden City Publishing, 1933.

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  1. I wonder why the top dropped off. I love researching the old postcards that I sell. With Google earth I can travel all over the world. - So now I have to go and look around Otego!

  2. What a knockout! Our daughter lived in Otego (in the wonderful house next--to the left--of the school)in the early 2000s, and I prowled around the cemetery a lot when we visited there. I was bowled over by the Presbyterian Church but hardly suspected how wonderful the church-on-Main had been. The remains of the Episcopal Church are also intriguing.Somehow I missed that you are in Otego (and Oneonta, I take it).