Pleasant Relations

Letter, dated January 24, 1912:

53 W. 126 St.

Dear Edna,

You have been such a dear helpful little lady this term so often sacrificing your own comfort for the pleasure of others that I had to just write and tell you how much I appreciated it.

You are soon to go away to a place that has been variously described as lovely - horrid - worst place of its kind - perfectly fine - so much nicer than Wadleigh and I hope that you may find it to your liking - that you will meet most congenial associates - will meet with marked success and a diploma in June 1913.

I am sending a little book as a very small souvenir of our pleasant relations together.

Wishing you increased health, strength and every blessing, I am

Yours sincerely,
Jane I. Taylor

Found in "The Jingle of a Jap" by Clara Bell Thurston. Published by Caldwell, 1908.

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  1. Jingle of a Jap? What in Heaven is that about?

  2. Here's a bit more on the book, Jenny:

  3. Hathi Trust has a digital version of the book, and shows the beautiful illustrations and the full text. It is actually an interesting study for its time. The book came with its own small wax doll of the Japanese doll in the story.