The Grave Of Sophomore English

Two photographs, on the back of the gravesite photograph is written:

"The Grave of Sophomore English" - at the foot of a big elm tree to the right of the main side walk to Draper, as one enters from Western Ave. Jay Ellis, Ray Schneible, Ed Song, etc. helped bury it in June 1915. Ray was the minister officiating and wept realistically. This seems to be unknown to present "Staters." Tempus fugit. Ah well - it was ever thus. This is the place for a tear.

Based on the description and the fact that the book's author, Anna Pierce, was Dean of Women at the Albany State Teacher's College, I would say the "gravesite" was located somewhere around here:

The two photographs were found in "Deans and Advisors of Women and Girls" by Anna Pierce. Published by Professional and Technical Press, 1929.

Signed by the author:

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