We're A Happy Family


Bessie born in the year of June 13 1879
Frank J.  - Nov 28 2879
Leo E. - May 11 1881
Margie M. - Oct 18 1882
Frank M. - Feb 1 1884
Rosie L. - May 28 1885
Flosie C - Nov 30 1886
Ben P. - July 6 1889
Edward H. March 26 1891
Papa - Feb 22 1848
Mamma July 3 1857

So there is the Ed Masseth family
Happy family

Found in "Skepticism Assailed" by Britton H. Tabor. Published by Syndicate Publishing, 1895.

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  1. Lovely. Have you thought about tracking down descendants, so you can return this to the family?

  2. I've located him on FamilySearch.org. I will try to contact someone through the site.

    What a treasure this would be for his descendants.

  3. Edward Harold's parents (Edward Adam and Mary) had a total of 15 children, so this is only a portion of the family!

  4. I came to the blog specifically to make sure someone had looked up the family. Thank you mejaka for doing that!

  5. That was written by my great uncle Ed. My grandfather is the second listed ( Frank jr.). How wonderful to see this!

  6. If you see this post, send me an email - I should still have this around somewhere: