We're A Happy Family


Bessie born in the year of June 13 1879
Frank J.  - Nov 28 2879
Leo E. - May 11 1881
Margie M. - Oct 18 1882
Frank M. - Feb 1 1884
Rosie L. - May 28 1885
Flosie C - Nov 30 1886
Ben P. - July 6 1889
Edward H. March 26 1891
Papa - Feb 22 1848
Mamma July 3 1857

So there is the Ed Masseth family
Happy family

Found in "Skepticism Assailed" by Britton H. Tabor. Published by Syndicate Publishing, 1895.

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  1. Lovely. Have you thought about tracking down descendants, so you can return this to the family?

  2. I've located him on FamilySearch.org. I will try to contact someone through the site.

    What a treasure this would be for his descendants.

  3. Edward Harold's parents (Edward Adam and Mary) had a total of 15 children, so this is only a portion of the family!

  4. I came to the blog specifically to make sure someone had looked up the family. Thank you mejaka for doing that!