The Boys Of Summer

Two pages from a journal. I will keep in the misspellings so you can get the full effect.

Today the garvy broke down and we sailed alone/g? in the harbor. Sue called and I am more homesick.

I was helping (and beeing) babysit at the Hollhans (?). Christeen was being a pain and she has got the hots for boys - today is Saturday the 19th of June 1980


Today I made a new friend, his name is Jhon. Jhon, Mike and I mad a sand castle, mabey it will still be there tomorrow.

I didn't see Jhon today and the castle was recked but I went(want?) to build another. There is a swim meet tomorrow and I hope I can win something

There was another swim meet today and I won in two events. We won.

Found in "George" by E.L. Konigsburg. Published by Aladdin, 197.

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