Ninety Cents

Letter, dated February 19, 1929:

Dear Madam:

You have received several letters about the small balance on your account but you haven't paid it.

Why spoil your credit reputation for $.90
Nothing is more valuable than a good credit record. There are times when everyone needs credit so you should be very careful to protect your good name.

Send us a money order at once so we can close your account, pass clear title to the merchandise to you and report you to the Credit Association as "good pay."

Yours very truly

R.L. Jones
Collection Department

Found in "Parish's Fancy" by Walter Kellog. Published by John Day, 1929.

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1 comment:

  1. Way to start the Great Depression, already with creditors on your back. :(

    I don't think that collector got to stick with the "blemished credit rating" tactic for just wouldn't be motivating at all!! When you can't feed, clothe and house your family, a credit rating is really low on the priority list.