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A special treat today, but first a bit of background information. My grandfather collected just about everything. Stamps, model trains, coins, autographs, you name it. One of his favorite pieces in the collection was a document from 1862 signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

I was recently contacted by the Papers of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois about the letter, they had seen it up for sale on eBay. They requested a high quality scan of the document for their collection, so while I had it here in the shop, I thought I would share it with you:

To His Excellency The President of the U.S.,

The Undersigned request the appointment of William A. Warren of Iowa as a quartermaster in place of Capt. Rankin of Iowa, March 26th, 1862.

James F. Wilson, (Iowa Senator)
James Harlan, (later Secretary of Interior)
Jas. W. Grimes (former governor of Iowa)


Let the appointment of William A. Warren, as per this requested, be made.
A. Lincoln
March 27 1862

The Adjutant General will make the nomination.
Edwin M. Stanton
in place of J.W. Rankin, in red
(Nominated April 12, 62)

On the other side of the document:

342 W. 1862
Washington March 27 1862

A Lincoln His Ex.
President US

Directs appt. of Wm. A. Warren as Q.M. (Quartermaster) in place of Capt. Rankin

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  1. Must be hard to part with. There are so many old postcards that I would like to keep, but I tell myself when I put them oneBay that they are going to good homes.