January 1, 1899

Single page from a journal or diary, dated 1899:

Sunday - cold day. Father and Helen made us a pleasant visit.

Monday, Jan 2 - cold, worked in wood PM

Tuesday Jan 3 - Jim came up, we skidded logs for wood

Wednesday Jan 4 - Warmer, snow going off fast. Cut Fred's hair, etc

Thursday Jan 5 - Nice day, snow gone except drifts and some in the woods. Bert C. and I went hunting skunk on Bert Simmons' - got 4, we went to Hook in the evening

Friday Jan 6 - Snowing for morning, helped Bert Dutton draw hay in fore noon. Stormed, frost all day

Saturday Jan 7 - Cold day and fair ??? ??? went to Hook with Bert in after noon. Bert helped me get bull down to my place (BH)

Sunday Jan 8 - Cold south wind. Maude D. made us a short visit in morning.

Monday Jan 9 - Snowed a little, wind shifted to west

Found in "Farm Festivals" by Will Carleton. Published by Harpers, 1881.

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