Instant Kahlua

Printed recipe for "Instant Kahlua." I have a feeling it was put out by the Yuban Coffee people:

Instant Kahlua
(Makes 2 Fifths)

3 cups sugar
2 cups water

Put in 3 quart kettle, bring to boil, remove from fire and let cool.

6 tablespoons instant Yuban coffee
1/2 cup hot water, mix and cool
Put above mixtures together when cool

Add and Stir

1 tsp vanilla (pure)
2 tsp. glycerin (can get from drug store)
1/5 bottle Vodka

When mixed together, put in dark bottles and store for two months before using.

Makes approximately 2 fifths

Found in "The Peanut Cookbook" by Dorothy Frank. Published by Clarkson N. Potter, 1976.

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