I Am Still Alive - Still

When I came across today's bookmark, I did a double take. The paper and handwriting seemed so familiar, I thought that maybe I had already posted it and that somehow it got shuffled back into another book (it's happened before). After a bit of research, it appears as though this letter is from the same author as the letter featured in this post from 5/23/2011:


This letter is also on Red Cross stationery, and the handwriting seems to match up -

Dutch New Guinea
July 12th 1944

Dear Betty Jean

Received your letter and stamps today and was very glad to hear from you. I am sorry that I haven't written before but it is a long story.

You see I am in a new place now and I have been kept pretty busy getting things organized.

My new home is right in the jungle but still is only about 300 yards from the sea shore. The beach is not much good as it is all coral and if you don't wear something on your feet when you go into the water you cut your feet all to pieces.

We have our area here fixed up pretty nice already. We have lights, showers and even gone as far as to make tables and chairs. Of course it takes time and we all have to work together.

The first think I fone when I got here was to dig a foxhole and boy right now it is the best buddy I have. The Japs paid us a visit a few nights ago.

We have a movie screen only about 25 feet from our tent and they have shows every other night. It's a good thing they have something to keep our morale up.

I had begun to think you folks had forgotten me as I had not heard from you in so long. I haven't heard from Aunt Elgia (?) now in months. I began to think she was mad at me over something.

I don't have much time right now Betty, so guess I will have to write you again when I find time. Thanks for the stamps. Oh say you might as well save your money as I can get them over here now. When it is so I can't get them again I will let you know.

Write soon, I hope you are all fine and say hello to the whole family for me.

Yours truly, George.

Now, it's amazing that I found this, but not absurdly so. I likely bought a few boxes from the same auction lot, and it just took me this long to get to the rest of the books.

Found in "The Damon Runyon Story" by Ed Weiner. Published by Popular Library, 1948.

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  1. Understandable that you might have two from him since you bought an auction lot, but still amazing that two of his letters were used as bookmarks. Wish we knew his last name so we knew whether he made it back in one piece... a nice piece of World War II memorabilia. :)

  2. WWII letters like this are being collected by the World War II museum in New Orleans, in case you're interested in donating.

  3. Some of my favorite finds are letters!! This one is great! Thank you for sharing it!!

  4. Another weird coincidence: Damon Runyon grew up in my hometown.