I Am Still Alive

First page of a letter, written on American Red Cross stationery and dated April 29th, "Somewhere in New Guinea."

Hello Ma,

Guess it is about time I wrote you folks a few lines, what do you think?

I am still alive and feeling fine. In fact I am getting so I don't mind this place one bit. I could find nicer places but this is no where as bad as you people think back home. When I get back I can describe it to you in more detail. You know we have to be careful about what we write over here. But you tell my mother not to worry about me one bit as I will make out O.K..

Tell the kids that they would get a kick out of...
Found in "New Frontiers of the Mind: The Story of the Duke Experiments" by J.B. Rhine. Published by Farrar and Rinehart, 1937.

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