On The Fringe

Two negative strips (actually, they are 'positives,' when I scanned them in as negatives the colors were all inverted. Perhaps these were part of a slide system?). Strips appear to be images from microscope slides.

Found in "Fringe Medicine" by Brian Inglis. Published by Reader's Union, 1965.

Here are the scans:

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  1. These are cell and tissue slides for use on a microscope, probably for teaching purposes.

  2. That's rather freaky! One of them looks like an alien spawn!

  3. At least a couple of those look like cross sections from hearts to me...RV would be Right Ventricle, LV would be the left atrium, and I think A is Aorta and V Vena Cava...I could be wrong, but I seem to remember something similar as part of a biology lesson once upon a time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I used to help make these, and worked with my dad (a microbiologist) on them. Basically you microtome a tissue sample slicing a very thin layer away, then stain the tissue to bring out the cell structures, the tissue is put between two extremely thin slide which are glued together in a way that allows no air in, so that they are preserved. They are then used to show cell structures, specific cell types, etc. in a microbiology class.