Pretty Sneaky Sis

I was sorting through a stack of old Time Magazines yesterday when I come across these two:

One issue is from 1966, the other from 1967. Nothing special about these two, but they felt a little off, like the stapled binding had come loose. When I opened the first one up:

Very clever.

The other issue:

The issues in question:

Time - June 17, 1966 - General Giap cover
The Avengers - April 1966 #27

Time - August 18, 1967
The Avengers - September 167 #44

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  1. Those are cool! I wonder what they are worth?

  2. #27 is worth about $20 to $40


    #44 is woth about $8 to $15

    Depending on condition.

  3. Wait - doesn't everybody use Avengers as a bookmark in Time?

  4. Kayle - they are both pretty rough. I'm sure they are at the lower end of the scale.

  5. I wonder who was sneaking in some run reading! What a great find.

  6. Did they come from a public or school library? Very clever!

  7. I don't think they came from a library. Most of the other issues still have the address label on them, and it looks like a residence.

  8. I just love this! I love the scenarios this conjures up in my head - was this done by a child trying to sneak in some fun reading? An adult embarrassed by their love of comic books? Ahh, what a fun story to ponder over. The mystery of it is so much fun.

  9. How absolutely marvelous. I can remember doing that with Mad magazine, a thing my mother found particularly offensive and particularly abhorrent as reading matter for young ladies (meaning me).