Screwy Decimal

I've been lucky to have a few guest posts over the years, but I'm especially excited to have Rita Meade here today. Rita runs the hilarious and uplifting blog "Screwy Decimal," which gives readers a fun look behind the librarian's desk. I follow both her blog and her twitter account, and you should as well.

Here's what she brings us:

Public librarians have many responsibilities. Maintaining the book collection is just
one of them. Along with an analysis of its circulation statistics, each book must be
carefully checked to see if it is in good enough condition to remain on the shelves. The
fun upshot of this is that sometimes we librarians find interesting things that have been
used as bookmarks - like lottery tickets and used gum. My coworker, who knows
that I enjoy posting library anecdotes and oddities on my blog, recently found this
handmade bookmark in a children’s novel and thoughtfully gave it to me to share with
the world:

You can tell that Michelle put a lot of thought into this. The dolphin stickers
add an adorably random aquatic touch, and her misspellings are delightfully endearing
(homophones are tough!) You can tell she loves to read and cares very deeply about
keeping her place in library books. I am sorry that Michelle no longer has this bookmark
to use, but it is my hope that she made another one to take its place. It is also my hope
that she will keep reading long after her love for dolphin stickers subsides.

-Rita Meade, Children’s Librarian

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  1. Very cute bookmark. I enjoyed the guest post.

  2. Love the bookmark. And thanks for introducing us to Screwy Decimal. I love her blog. It's fun and well-written.

  3. I love the idea of going to your local library and "planting" bookmarks in books to be found and taken home.

  4. This is adorable. I think I'll try it myself.