A Good Man

Letter, postmarked December 23, 1921, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Salt Lake City. Dec. 22, 1921.

Mr. Edwin Fisk
Dear Sir

Your letter of Nov. 1st. rec., in which you  ay Mr. Campbells death was not in that Bible.

We regret very much that we did not think to, of that, caused probly by our distress over Sisters sad death. After looking all of our papers over I went to T. Ellis Browne our atorney. He says Mr. Campbell died Oct. 24, 1910. Aged 73 years. This is the only information I can give you when he died.

Please write it into the Bible for it is a long history of your relations. I hope your wife has entirely recovered, Please give her my regards.

Yours truly, Mrs. Rachel C Hunt
P.O. Box 83

P.S. Have you a picture of Mr. Campbell. If you have not would you like one if I can get
a good one. Hunt.
for we always thought him a grand man

Found in "The Double Traitor" by E. Phillips Oppenheim. Published by World, 1943.

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