Nick Marco And The Venetians

 Advertisement for "Nick Marco and The Venetians" and their single "Little Boy Lost."

It was The Cash Box's Pick of the Week:

The Dwain folks could have the big one they've been looking for in this slice that debuts the attention-getting vocal talents of Nick Marco & The Venetians. Tune, tabbed "Little Boy Lost," is an extremely pretty broken romancer set to a soft rock-a-cha cha beat. Intriguing instrumental backdrop rounds out this winner. Companion piece is a lovely beat-ballad affair (with mid-deck recitation) that falls easily-on-the-ears.

Found in "West Coast Cook Book" by Helen Brown. Published by Cookbook Collectors Library, 1952.

I did a bit of searching online to see what I could find. Here are a few more pictures from

And here they are, ladies and gentlemen, Nick Marco and the fabulous Venetians:

-Click to enlarge photos-

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