To The Best Of My Abilities

Campaign letter from Riley A. Wilson, candidate for the Assembly of New York, dated October 28, 1915.

Savannah NY, Oct. 28 1915

My dear sir:

I am a candidate for Member of Assembly on the Republican ticket. I have served two terms in that body and would be glad to have any citizen of Wayne County investigate my record. I have stood for clean, wholesome legislation and my vote has always been recorded in favor of such legislation. I have, in every way to the best of my ability, discharged my duties and safe-guarded the interest of Wayne County. If re-elected I shall, which my past experience and acquaintance, be able to render the People still better service.

Next Tuesday, Nov. 2, is election day. It is important that you as a Republican should make it a point to vote and enroll next Tuesday so that you can vote in the primary next year when a President and a Governor are to be nominated and elected. May I ask you to make it a point to not only come out next Tuesday and aid in the election of the Republican ticket but also endeavor to get your friends and neighbors to do the same?

Yours sincerely,

Found in "The New Century Dictionary: Volume One" published by Collier & Son, 1946.

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  1. Guess he didn't get re-elected:

    # Wilson, Riley A. — of Savannah, Wayne County, N.Y. Member of New York state assembly from Wayne County, 1914-16. (info from