My Heavy Burden To Bear

Today's post comes courtesy of Samuel, who sends this find along from the Wellington Square Bookshop in Exton PA:

Samuel informs us that he found five four leaf clovers, a Ginkgo leaf shadow, and this poem:

A Cripple's Wish.

I was all alone in my chamber,
And midnight hour was near;
I was thinking of the days gone by,
When I was well and on my feet--
How happy then was I ;
I little thought as time went by,
That misfortune thick and fast
Would fall on me, and make me go
A cripple to the last.

An accident befell me one day,
And I was taken sick ;
The wrong medicine was given me,
And to my legs it went,
And left me as you see.
For six months I lay
Upon a bed of pain ;
No use for me but just my hands
To cheer me as I lay.

At last my Saviour did see fit
To take away my pain,
And five long years He let me roll
Upon the floor again.
For eight years I had to creep
Upon my hands and knees,
And exercise it gave me strength
To help myself again.
The God above, whose name I love,
Reached forth His open hand,
And said, "Courage my boy, look to me
For thy daily bread."

And now, kind friends, I am, as you see,
A cripple as long as I live ;
No other way to earn my daily bread,
Please buy this ode and help me along
My heavy burden to bear,
Accept my thanks for your kind aid ;
God bless you all, both old and young,
Is the poor cripple's wish.


Found in "Swiss Family Robinson."

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  1. I feel the need to make a witty remark connecting the lobster about to bite that toe to The Cripple's Wish - but I can't. My heavy burden: not witty enough.

  2. I feel the need to check my social media accounts 10000+ times a day. My heavy burden: addicted to the internet.