There Once Was A Girl From Nantucket

Mimeographed copy of a Nantucket property map, dated June 1st, 1927.

Found folded in "The Croquet Player" by H.G. Wells. Published by Viking, 1937.

For fun, I lined up the map with a current street map from Google:


  1. my take on the original map vs the Google map is the original was for planning and maybe the planning was scaled back?

    Visited Nantucket for the first time 2 Septembers ago and it was lovely although I found the forced conformity of the facades to be a bit stifling.

    You do find interesting things.

  2. That's so cool to be able to compare them!

  3. ooooo this is so cool how you can see a map of 1927 and 2009!!! I have never been to Nantucket but this really makes me want to hahaha...I always love the things you find!

  4. A girl? Hmmm, that's not the way I learned it. We should talk...