Please Do Not Disturb

"Do Not Disturb" sign from the Hotel Astor.

Found in "Not Now But Now" by M.F.K. Fisher. Published by The Viking Press, 1947.


  1. This is so funny -- ok maybe I'm perverse. But Istill think it is funny.

  2. No small amount of moons ago I was browsing a friend of a friends bookshelf. After mentioning a keen interest in anything 'Bob Dylan' the friend of etc showed a volume of Bob Dylan lyrics their father had found during a house clearance following an eviction. There was no bookmark contained within but a message written inside the front cover which read ;'Well done **** you really ****** your daughters head up this time'. On the strength of that I offered to buy the book from them even offering to purchase a brand new copy in exchange for theirs.They declined and I forgot the matter until discovering your blog this afternoon. Now after reading through your blog I find myself wishing I had upped the offer somewhat. Fascinating blog!
    I will follow!

  3. I had to google MFK Fisher to figure out who it was. You might like this bit of bio on her:

  4. Love your blog!
    Added your blog link!
    Have a wonderful christmas holidays!