Folded letter, two sides of writing:

Dear George + Dick -
Here is my current project - to incorporate Monsoon into our nation's schools.
I've used Monsoon in my classes - 9th grade. I've used it insead of Nectar in a Seive for my India unit. Although I love Nectar, Monsoon was gobbled up by 100% of my students (I actually had juniors + seniors coming down to borrow "that book on India that the 9th graders are reading"!!) I have yet to find a student who didn't feel as though they had spent time in India after reading the book.
It has also motivated them to get involved in world affairs. The story is about a teenager who does get involved + the students can relate to it. My students, as a result of reading Monsoon did the following 1. started a sister-city ??????? project with the Societ Union 2. created an international exchange student day 3. "adopted" a child through Love the Children 4. just found out the other day that Sherwood Boehlert is cosponsoring a bill to sponsor UNICEF's drive to inoculate all of the world's children against the 6 most deadly, preventable diseases. Several of my students had joined an organization called RESULTS (political lobbying group) and as a result of our letters, Boehlert cosponsored the bill. I think that was a very big learning experience about how government works + the possibilities that anyone can make a difference.
Monsoon was the spark. Out of my 10 years experience in teaching, I have yet to find a book like this.
I would like you to tell you student teacher about it. It would be a great tool for teaching India + it would be something that would be sure to get even usually unmotivated students eagerly involved with India and global studies.
Consider buying copies for the soc. studies ed library. As my mother always tells me, "Try it, you'll like it."
Any support you can give me on my latest project (names of people who might be interested, etc) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Dan ?????
Found in: "Wolverine '71: Yearbook of Worcester High School"

Ed: I assume the book he is referring to is this one.


  1. I read that book in high school, i thought it stunk. reminded me of those 'choose your own adventure" things

  2. sister city "pairing project" with the Soviet Union