Right is Might

Card with a typed letter.

Sept. 15th
Dear Jay:
We always enjoy hearing from you but it is such a sad state of things, that you haven't been able to get your rightful claim acknowledged. I guess all we can steadfastly know if that Right is Might and will prevail. A friend of ours has suggested that you write to Robert Kennedy.

Had a note from Mrs. Platt yesterday. She is not married as yet and may wait until January when she is due to retire. Alan has a new job and has moved to Boca Raton which is not too far from where his mother lives. Dave and his wife still live up in N.Y. but bought a place in Maine and he is not making custom furniture.

Janice is going up north to her Association so no doubt she will meet your Mom there.

The Jr. Onderdonks just returned from a trip to Florida and N.Y. They visited Pat's mom in Florida and then drove up to Bedford. They visited the Onderdonks and then drove up to Boston where they stayed with Janet and all attended the Biennial meeting at The Mother Church. Seven kids from this area went too.

On the way back they dropped Ricky off at Pri?cipia where is now a sophomore.

We all keep busy as can be in this shop and Pappy Green is a haaaard taskmaster.

He talks of talking a cruise this winter to the Pacific and ending up in Australia but so far it is only in the mental stage but it all sounds very alluring.

Schools here opened on the 7th so Nancy is now down to one little boy and he is in nursery school three mornings a week so she and I can get some book work done.

Hope you and your Mom are fine. Do let us hear more news of you when you can

Mammy Greene
Found in "The District Doctor and Other Stories" by Ivan Turgenev. Published by A.S. Barnes, 1960.


  1. uh, pappy greene needs to calm the hwll down.

  2. he is not making custom furniture should be he is *now* making custom furniture