Pleasant Relations

Letter, dated January 24, 1912:

53 W. 126 St.

Dear Edna,

You have been such a dear helpful little lady this term so often sacrificing your own comfort for the pleasure of others that I had to just write and tell you how much I appreciated it.

You are soon to go away to a place that has been variously described as lovely - horrid - worst place of its kind - perfectly fine - so much nicer than Wadleigh and I hope that you may find it to your liking - that you will meet most congenial associates - will meet with marked success and a diploma in June 1913.

I am sending a little book as a very small souvenir of our pleasant relations together.

Wishing you increased health, strength and every blessing, I am

Yours sincerely,
Jane I. Taylor

Found in "The Jingle of a Jap" by Clara Bell Thurston. Published by Caldwell, 1908.

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