Sealed - updated

Found this unopened envelope marked "For Ethelwynne" in "Songs of Hope" by Grace Noll Crowell, published by Harper and Brothers, 1938.

What do you think, should I open it?

Readers have spoken - here  you go:

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lp said...

Heck yeah!

hemmafru said...

Yes, yes, yes! I'm sure Ethelwynne won't mind.

Grace said...

Of course! Open it, Open it!

Stacie said...

Yes! Do it, do it!

Noel said...

What an interesting name...I looked it up and it is an old English name for a boy. Certainly not a modern name so its been there probably a long time... thus I vote to open it.

Grace said...

To One In Sorrow - Grace Noll Crowell

Let me come in where you are weeping, friend,
And let me take your hand.
I, who have known a sorrow such as yours,
Can understand.

Let me come in -- I would be very still
Beside you in your grief;
I would not bid you cease your weeping, friend,
Tears can bring relief.

Let me come in -- I would only breathe a prayer,
And hold your hand,
For I have known a sorrow such as yours,
And understand.

Diane said...

Hmm... Makes you wonder if Ethelwynne ever read the book if he/she never opened the note. Is it possible it was opened and resealed itself over time? That happens.

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