Oh My

Here's an inscription I came across in an 1846 copy of "Parental Instructions; or, Guide to Wisdom and Virtue" selected from the writings of "An Eminent Physician." It was published by Harper and Brothers.

I know, it's tough to make out anything - now you know how I feel trying to transcribe some of this stuff. Here is a version of the image I used to read the writing a bit easier:

Presented to J**** BS (?) by Tha. S. Fitch (?), at Clinton (?) on Fountain (?). Where he was at Collidge (college) and where she was at boarding school. "Oh my."
Mr. Chancey (?) S, Kellogg
Ham College (Hamiltion College, just a short drive from Oneonta)
James Milne (?)
De Los Balsh (?)
NY city (?)

Hope you all can do better.

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