Double Play

Film negative.

Found in "Too Much Happiness" by Alice Munro. Published by Vintage, 2009.

I had to see what the photos were, but the negative was pretty damaged. There were two photos on this portion of the film, one came out OK, the other not so much:

It's obviously a baseball game, the end of one by the looks of the players congregating on the infield. I spotted the Yankee logo behind home plate, but there weren't many more clues to go by. I can't really make out the scoreboard in the center of the photo nor can I see any players from the other team.

I looked a little closer, and noticed there are a bunch of police officers on the field, as well as the festive red white and blue bunting along the upper decks - I'm guessing this was a postseason game. I am 99% sure this is from the old Yankee Stadium.

The second photo wasn't much help at all, as it was very distorted.

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