Get Well Soon

I found all of these "get well" cards bunched together in the first volume of "My Book House" from 1953.

Writing on the little brown folder they were in:

Patty's Cards

One of the cards has a short note addressed to "Betty" - so that Patty might be a Betty. The note also mentions Sidney Center, a very small village in the area.

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Anita said...

Those are amazing. I'm always surprised at what you find in old books.

Suzassippi said...

This is one of my favorite posts. It makes you wonder all kinds of things about them.

Lisa Shafer said...

How fun. You could sell the cards to an altered book fan!

(And, oddly enough, one of the word verifications today is "purchaser.")

Tasha B. said...

That's so sweet.

maureen said...

if you have a contest, i'd LOVE to win those cards!!!!

JLynnPro said...

Those are SO cute! How special she must have felt to have so many people looking out for her! :)

*warm fuzzies*

Thanks for your wonderful blog! :)

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