Only In My Dreams

This is the photo I was going to post before I found the Carrie Fisher card.

Turns out these two inspired a nightmare.

I woke up Monday morning with a very clear narrative about this set of blonde twins, abandoned by their mother in an isolated rural town. The locals quickly adopted them both, as they were the most beautiful children anyone had ever seen. Their beauty hid a psychotic evil, however, and as they grew up, they consumed all the kindness, all the humanity around them (I have also been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently). After a few generations, the entire town were all blonde inbred psychopaths. Yeah, lovely stuff.

I had forgotten about the photo I had found a few days earlier, so this dream seemed to come out of nowhere and kind of freaked me out. Now it makes sense.

The photo was found in "Ten Days' Wonder" by Ellery Queen. Published by Little, Brown and Co., 1948.

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