Their Sunday Best

Photo, no date or writing.

Found in "Pony Specimen Book: Standard Line Type" published by Inland Type Foundry, St. Louis, 1907.

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dls said...

Ahhh.... someone's first communion. How sweet.

aimee said...

Their First Holy Communion, perhaps? That would explain the fancy dresses, veils and crosses on their necklaces.

Great blog, by the way - I love to find "forgotten bookmarks" in used books myself!

Shannon said...

This may be a Confirmation/First Communion picture. Pope Pius X lowered the age of First Communion from 12 to 7 in 1910. Until then, it was customary at age 12 to receive both sacraments.

I have a picture of my grandmother about the same age, and in the same clothes.

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