Intimate Friend

Letter and envelope:

Jan 30th 1882

Dear Jennie

Are you going to get married, you my dearest friend? Who will I have to come to when I come home! You won't be my most intimate friend then still you might be if you wished but any body always changes when they are married. Oh Jennie you young girl to get married. Still I don't blame you every body's getting married so it makes me want to I might begin to look around for a husband. Can't you send me one?

Oh I should like to come up to the wedding if I possibly can but I am afraid it will be impossible for me to come but I will come if I possibly can come I wouldn't miss it for anything can't you come down here on your wedding tour we will try and make it as comfortable as we can on the boat and show you all over New York.

What are you going to be married in (don't think me to inquisitive you know me). Oh to be married. Just think of the first night. Oh Jennie do write and tell me about the coming wedding right away.

(written upside down)

Jennie I am none the worse for coming down here for I don't go to any dances or parties ??? I have had invitations though.

(other page)

Ma?? says she shouldn't wonder that I can come up but if I come up I have got ?? up there and do to school and I don't want to begin school up there.


I just received your letter to night and wasin this please write me all about the coming event. Oh naughty girl that you didn't tell me before. I can't be your best intimate friend still I have never wronged you
Found in "Sabbath Poems or Holy Day Recreations" by Robert Rochfort. Published by Charles Daly, no date.

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