Removal Notice

Removal notice announcing both the 70th anniversary and moving of the offices of the E.B. Estes Company.

Card is dated 1917.

1847-1917 - Telephone Greeley 4820-4821
New York, January 18th, 1917.

E.B. Estes and Sons, on this seventieth anniversary of their establishment, announce the removal of their New York offices, sales and sample rooms to 362 & 364 Fifth Avenue, near 34th Street, New York.

At this new centrally located address, convenient to the railroad terminals and the hotel center, they hope to have the pleasure of your frequent visits.

Warehouse, Bush Terminal Building No. 10, Brooklyn NY

Found in "Economics and Ethics" by J.A.R. Marriott. Published by E.P. Dutton, no date, circa 1910.

If you have a few minutes, I found that the history of this company was a fascinating read.

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